SF Day2

-SF Trip Day 2-

For breakfast, we chose to go to
La Boulange Bakery out of the many
breakfast/brunch places we had in mind.
I've been to a lot of their locations in SF.
Their flatbreads and apple tartins and coffees were so good.
And I like how coffees are refillable too.

Went to the ferry building,
another must stop location when in SF.
Too bad we had missed the happy hour on the day we arrived,
but we still went to Hog Island Oysters to
grab a bite. Oysters are always so fresh here,
and also the bread. Absolutely love it.

We tried a few coffee houses in SF
that brew one cup at a time,
but among them, Bluebottle Coffee Co. was my absolute favorite.
Probably one of the best brewed coffees that I've had.
I read that they have two locations in LA that serves it
as well, but one of them went out of business recently.
I hope that they open some down in Southern CA too.

Although the percentage of rain was 80%,
it was such a beautiful day outside,
so we decided to walk around the city,
until we were hungry again...

We went to Chaya Brasserie for their Happy Hour
because we were so thirsty after walking around the city.
I love the view of the Bay Bridge from the bar area.

Then to Bar Bambino,
their pasta dishes were my favorite.
All handmade in house and al dente, just how I like it.

I might go back for their pastas,
but their pastas were not enough to make it into my
'must visit' places while in SF.
Besides, the list of restaurants that I want to try in SF is endless...


  1. u-n chou umasou. iine... nanka gurume ryokou via artsy pics tte kanji ga tadayou! aa.... oremo tabetai. i once asked bobby if he would sell his taste buds for 10 million dollars. he said no. now seeing these pics, i definitely wouldnt sell it for 10 million either.

  2. hahaha i would never sell my taste buds either!!
    i don't think it's worth living without tastebuds, haha
    i want to go back to sf so badly!!