Soba No Ki (そばの木)

The first great food that I had in Japan
was at そばの木 ('Soba no Ki'), meaning Soba Tree.
It is located in Fukuoka, in the southern Kyushu province.

Panorama views of the Japanese rice fields from your seat.
So peaceful and relaxing.

The kitchen.
Very small restaurant,
so the husband and wife run it together by themselves.

Handmade tea set.
Inside is freshly brewed Soba-cha,
which is Japanese tea made from roasted buckwheat.
Very healthy and contains no caffeine.

First course: Soba Zosui (Buckwheat Soup)

Second Course: Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

Main Course: Handmade Soba Noodles
Option to put freshly grated wasabi in your broth.

Left: Japanese cabbage rolls with rice inside
Right: Soba-yu in a handmade pot.
Soba-yu is the boiling water that was used to cook the soba noodles.
It is common to put soba-yu in your broth after you finish
eating your noodles and drink the mixture.
Soba-yu contains nutrients and minerals from the noodles
that dissolved into the water when cooking.
It even has preventative effects against modern day diseases
such as high blood pressure, decreased liver function and diabetes.

Dessert: 白玉ぜんざい
(Sweet Adzuki Beans with rice cake made from powdered glutinous rice)


  1. I love all the plates they use!
    The photos look great Mai-chan!

  2. Thanks Lina!!<3
    I love their plates too, all hand-made!!

  3. そばの木って聞いた事あるかも!福岡のどこ?イイ写真!!あ〜福岡帰りたい!

  4. 福岡の何処かちょっと忘れちゃったけど、上のリンク(食べログ)に載ってるよ!