Doremi どれ味 (Ginza, Tokyo)

I happened to be in Tokyo for my birthday this year,
so we celebrated at Doremi of Tokyo (どれ味 of Tokyo)
known for their Teppanyaki.

It was one of the restaurants that I really looked forwards to,
because my sister always talks about how great it is.

My sister and her boyfriend are great friends with the
Owner/Chef Captain Hirano,
which was great because I love dining at places that
make you feel more involved and at a personal level with the chef or staff.
We were also able to sit at the counter seats
to watch him prepare every course for us.

It all began with the
NY-Style Pan-Fried Breaded Garlic Scallops.

Next up, Cod with ‘Saikyo’ Miso Doremi-Style.

Grilled Oysters sandwiched with pancake and grilled pork belly.
First time experiencing this very unique combination.

Doremi Hamburg, Doremi’s ‘One Spoon’ and Beef Fillet.
Each course was like eating a piece of art.

Doremi Monjya-Yaki.
The consistency actually reminded me of Risotto.

Acqua Pazza of Homard Lobster.

Fried Rice with chopped onions.
The stacked onions resemble a volcano,
especially when steam is coming out.
So neat.

Erupting Volcano.
The performance was pure entertainment.
Cooking is one thing, but entertaining your customers
while still maintaining the consistency of the taste of the food,
I felt, was just amazing.

My favorite course of the night:
Doremi style Okonomiyaki with stewed beef intestine,
topped with chopped green onions.

Owner/Chef Captain Hirano.
He has 3 restaurants in Tokyo and also a
Yakiniku restaurant in Honolulu.
He has a blog which he updates daily,
which I look forwards to reading.

Dessert: Pancakes covered with whipped cream
topped with baked coconut shavings.

Such a memorable Birthday...

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  1. 相変わらずyou sisters eatingグットフードねぇ^^羨ましい限りです。i miss food from ca and japan!