Kotatsu (Azabu Jyuban, Tokyo)

Kotatsu was by far one of my favorite restaurants on my food tour in Japan.
The atmosphere, service, and most importantly the food.

Entrance. I love the warm lighting and the subtle sign on the top right.

Porcupine needles can be used as toothpicks. Cute!!

The little details were amazing.
Loved the open kitchen where you can see the personable
chefs preparing you great food.
Yakitori (skewers) were awesome.
Probably some of the best and most unique that I've had.

Kotatsu has their original Japanese Sake called "Mei".
It is polite to pour beers or sake for people in Japan.
You'll see it a lot at restaurants and bars.

Very rare to see the counter seats empty.
There are only about 8 counter seats and
20 seats total in the whole restaurant,
but good thing I got this shot on the left
because it wasn't empty for long!!

The middle was our absolute favorite.
It's Shark Fin pieces with Ume (Japanese plum) flavoring,
mixed with fresh Cucumbers and Okra on a base of thinly sliced Jellyfish.
I ate at this restaurant at least 4 times while I was in Japan,
but we always ordered it. Sometimes more than 1.

Grilled Sanma (Saury) which is in season in the fall,
and Fried Aji (Mackerel).
Both were so flavorful and prepared perfectly.

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