Arch Rock Fish Photo Shoot

A new restaurant recently opened up
in downtown Santa Barabara, called Arch Rock Fish.

Santa Barbara is known for their fresh seafood,
but surprisingly there are not too many restaurants in the city
that are known to serve fresh, local and seasonal seafood.
So this neighborhood joint is the place to go.

To the left is everybody's favorite,
Clam Chowder with Smoked Bacon, Potatoes and Cream.
Lobster Bisque is very simple and tasty,
and goes so well with oyster crackers.

More photos to follow...


Kitchen Osumi

I love it when we have company at the house for dinner,
because my mom usually makes a full meal,
usually consisting of 5-6 courses followed by dessert.
And even after feasting, you wouldn't feel as guilty
because it is very fresh and healthy and refreshing.

Here are a few of the dishes that she had made recently:
Left: Minced Shrimp and Chives Baked on top of Renkon Lotus Root
Right: Okra and Shrimp Gelatinized in Dashi Broth sided with Wasabi Sauce

Left: Salmon Crudo with Avocado topped with Sweet Maui Onions
Right: Garlic Scallop and Fresh Arugula Salad

Bon Appétit!!