AW Kitchen (Shirogane, Tokyo)

Happy 2011 everybody!!!
I have been behind on updates from all of my traveling
that I have been doing recently.
Finally back home and settled.

So continuing on with unforgettable food encounters in Japan:
My last meal before heading to the airport was at
AW Kitchen in Shirogane, Tokyo.

It definitely is on my list of 'favorite restaurants' in Tokyo,
for the service, the atmosphere,
and most importantly the quality and freshness of the food.

They are known for the Bagna Cauda (バーニャカウダ)
and their house made pastas.
Their menu changes seasonally and you are even
able to have them create your own unique pasta dish
by telling them what kind of ingredients you prefer them to use.


  1. love shot #6 and would like to eat #5!!! the dessert doesn't look to bad either...tira mi su?

  2. #6 was my dish. I actually described to them what I felt like eating that day and they put together a unique dish for me. It was an amazing combination! I would go back just for that dish.
    And yes, the dessert is a tiramisu. They came to the table with a pepper grinder but with espresso beans inside, and ground the espresso shavings on top of the tiramisu right in front of you. The aroma of the espresso was so great!! Such a brilliant idea...