Savoy (Azabu Jyuban, Tokyo)

One day, my sister and her friend and I went for lunch
at Savoy in Azabu Jyuban.
It is a very small cozy restaurant with maybe 10 counter seats
and a few small tables.

For lunch, they have a 1,000 yen deal (about $12)
where you get a salad and either a Margherita or Marinara Pizza
and a beverage. Great deal!!

Pizzas are made to order, right in front of you.
They only have a certain amount of dough for the day
so when they run out, they're done.

Start with a simple salad while your pizza is getting prepared.

Our pizzas getting baked.
You can see it in the right corner.

I ordered the standard: Margherita Pizza.
It literally takes about 5 minutes in the oven.
I thought it was a really good lunch!
Although my sister has been there quite a few times
and supposedly it's usually better when another guy makes the pizzas.
Would like to try the better version one day...


  1. Nice shots! you should use #4 and #5 together, they go well next to each other. Sml level adjustment to #5 will make it perfect. #3 is nice too...check the levels as well. The pizza looks really good :)

  2. Got it, thanks for the advice!
    Yes the pizza was really good!!
    I love Margheritas.