Davis (Shirogane Takanawadai, Tokyo)

Another place that my sister highly recommended dining at
while I was in Tokyo was Davis,
a Japanese style French Bistro in Shirogane Takanawadai.

'Davis' logo on plates.

Bread Basket and Olive Oil.

Left: A chalkboard with daily specials.
Center: 2008 Delta Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand.
Right: Liver Paste Appetizer.

Left: A few bites into the Liver Paste...
Center: Honestly, I can't remember what kind of white fish this was
but I'm pretty sure that it was Sea Bream (鯛).
I love it when the skin is so crispy and the
meat is cooked just right where it feels like it's still raw,
but barely cooked thoroughly yet very juicy.
Right: Olive medley.

Homemade pasta with Girole Mushrooms.

The aftermath.

Left: Olives again. It pairs so well with wine.
Center: Baked Pie topped with Mackerel and Marinated Peppers and Onions.
Right: 2nd bottle - 2007 Les Crestes from Spain.
Really nice fruity flavor and went well with the food.

Everything was so delicious.
I still think about this meal when I think back to my Japan trip,
and will return again for sure.

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